#createme project

 Welcome to the 2012 ‘Create Me’ adventure.

The fact that you are reading this means that you have recieved a ‘create me’ postcard (pictured) and may be intrigued…

The purpose of this card is to challenge the Creativefolk Collective to try new things in 2012. Life is much more interesting if other people set the challenge.

We ask that you write on the card what you’d like us to create for you…this can be anything, all we ask is that the challenge is set within reasonable means in terms of time and cost (under £50). You are welcome to challenge us with new skills (i.e. knitting etc) and the challenge can be in any specialism.

We will be documenting the progress from start to finish for each project here and on facebook (Creativefolk).

Please write your challenge on the dotted line and post back in the SAE envelope when you can. OR post a request below in the comments section.

Follow us @C_Folkdesign / #createme to see how the projects are progressing.

We welcome your inspiration on this 2012 adventure.

CreativeFolkers xx

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4 thoughts on “#createme project

  1. First postcard has hit the mat!!

  2. A set of pin badges…not one…a set!

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