W. Winterbottom would be proud…

Another quick and easy party decoration which doesn’t cost the earth.

  1. Find yourself some beautiful paper – this could vary from scrap coloured sheets of A4 through to old newspapers, or in this case old music sheets I picked up for 50p at charity shop
  2. Fold the sheets in a concertina
  3. Then fold the wad in half, gluing the two ends together…this creates a fan
  4. Repeat
  5. Glue the two fans together along each bottom edge
  6. Wind a piece of fishing wire or twine through the two holes which natually form at the bottom of each fan. Tie up tightly, pulling together the centre.
  7. Attach your favourite ribbon or piece of string for hanging


If you make lots of these, in different sizes, it can make a good impact. They also look great if you mix it up with bright white paper pompoms for weddings or coloured ribbons for parties.

P.S. I like the look of the aged sellotape marks but if you dont just cut them off.

Image: Sarah Bentley Photography

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