Book Table Numbers

If you want personal table numbers then these upcycled books are perfect. Use titles which illustrate something about the people sat on the tables, or simply choose things you like.

  • First, hit your local charity shop and start looking for hardbacks. The older the better to fit in with this shabby chic wedding style.
  • Using a sharp knife cut out a central section of the front cover. Be careful not to lose a finger. Some are tough.
  • Print out a table number or draw/paint it yourself
  • Glue around the edges of the hole in the inside of the cover
  • Stick the paper number inside
  • Glue the front page of the book or a similar colour sheet of paper to the back of the front cover
  • Done!


Many of the guests often take these with them. The others can be recycled or made into photo frames.

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