Paper Winter Wonderland

It is that time of year again – dust off your fairy lights, light the woodburner & get a stew in the oven…

As the evening draws in and the stew warms the house, how about making some of these easy paper lanterns?

Any paper that you may have lying around can be used for this project. For this first lantern I used goods from the ‘Doily Dealer’ for mere pennies. Old sheet music also works well, along with book pages or maps. These lanterns work well on tables at weddings.

What you need:

  • Paper of your choice or doily
  • Jam jar
  • Double sided tape
  • Tea light
  • A match
  • A cosy room with blankets & a cup of tea

Simply wrap the paper around the jar, fix with double sided tape making sure the seams don’t show when lit. Put the tea light in the jar. Light. (Please note: candles should not be left unattended).

Rebecca [pictured] has a great idea for a winter view of Stockholm (instructions on her blog). All you need is some plain paper & a black pen. You could do a version of your home town. Have a go! We’d love to see your versions so tweet them to us @c_folkdesign or share them on our facebook page.

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