O Christmas Tree

Christmas is days away and we are home in Cornwall. We’ve spent much of the year strolling along the beach and I wanted to pull together a very special gift for my family to remind them of breezy winter walks together. This easy,  DIY driftwood christmas tree is perfect.

All you need:

  • A straight piece of dowel – I used a paint brush and took off the brush
  • Driftwood in various sizes
  • Drill and a drill bit the same size as the stick or slightly larger
  • Clamp (or hold over a work surface if you don’t have one but take care!)

How to:

  1. Find a base and drill a hole in the middle of it part way through. You can be creative with the base – we used a piece of flat driftwood, you could also use a block of newer polished wood, a cork, a smooth pebble or anything you could drill into…
  2. Stick your stick in the hole – this should fit tightly without the use of glue if you’ve used the right drill bit. If not, just glue it in place and let it dry
  3. Ensure your driftwood is dry and then lie them down in order of size…
  4. Get the drill and drill a hole through the centre of each
  5. Push each bit onto your stick starting with the longest first
  6. Add them in a star fashion with each stick going in a different direction
  7. Finish with a small piece of driftwood, a handmade star or in this case a small limpet
  8. Done!

A beautiful way to bring the outside in this christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone! xxxxx


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