The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.

Gilbert  K. Chesterton

Happy new year to you all! As we move into January many of us will be starting to follow the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ attitude. Before you begin to throw things away, have a think about some alternative uses for those things that may seem useless.

We’ve listed just a few ways to make use of a bag of old frames that my grandparents were throwing out (coupled with some new additions). More inspiration to be found at the end.

See our Innovative Upcycling entry in Issue 6 of Pretty Nostalgic magazine!

The Montage

1. Be brave with a bag of nails and build a montage of old and new frames….makes for an interesting wall. Tip: additions like mirrors or clocks help to break these up.


2. A vintage frame montage can also be strung up to decorate a wedding or party – simply hang on walls or from trees. Guests can even stand behind these for an amazing photo opportunity! Perfect way to upcycle frames from charity shop if the glass or backs have broken. Don’t throw away. Wedding Photographer: onelove photo

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

3. I loved the shape of this old mirror which I picked up for £8 from a vintage shop at Hay-on-wye. It was cheap as it  didn’t have the original chain so I wrapped with some material I had in my studio and the result is lovely!


Cheap cork board make-over 

4. A friend at Annies Blogspot takes old cork boards and brightens them up with spare bits of vintage material, ribbon and pins to create these fantastic pin boards…



5. One of my newer frames smashed so I coupled this rather uninspiring frame with some hooks I unscrewed from under my stairs to make a key holder for the hallway. This could also be jazzed up with vintage material and padding in any colour. Just remove the glass. Great for jewellery too.


6. You could also use an empty frame and tie some ribbon between the two sides and hang black and white photos or jewellery from that too. Here is an example from Life Made Lovely…

7. It is also great to simply stand an old frame without the glass or backing panel on a fireplace or shelf to help frame a vase of flowers or a special vase or tea pot.

Please think before throwing away old frames this year. Even broken frames can make a charming (and often cheap) addition to your home or party. More inspiration can be found here.


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