Village Hall Wedding – Preparations Begin…

We have been tasked with the design of a village hall wedding in the Somerset countryside this spring. The couple are very creative themselves but they are busy with their son Laurie, so they’ve asked us for some help.

We have a small budget so we are developing a series of posts to show you how you can make some wonderful additions to your wedding day with very little money. We hope in time to then show you ‘before and after’ shots so you can see each piece at work. Much of the work surrounds upcycling and creative ways to use existing things that we can find from charity shops or flea markets.

We hope you enjoy!

Part 1. Patchwork Runners….


Traditionally patchwork quilting was a way to use up scraps of material but now people tend to buy ‘fat quarters’ to make these – the choice is yours. We started by asking the Collective, friends, family and colleagues to donate any scrap material they may have had lying around & wouldn’t mind contributing. You wouldn’t believe what people had gathering dust. These were then cut into rectangles (you could also do squares).


We got our friends together for some help. Each of them is able to bring their own ideas/style to their patchwork. The bride is also doing one and did the same with her friends when she made a patchwork quilt for her newborn. Each of her friends made a patch and we are sure the guests that contributed will like this touch on the day.



To make the runner all you need to do is:

1. Pin the squares with the longest side together in a long strip

2. Sew on a machine and then iron down the seams

3. Pin and sew two strips together (right side together). You then press the long seam and add the backing.

4. Iron again, and you have your runner.

It is time consuming, but is very rewarding and quite addictive (not to mention free). We are adding a personal touch by using the bride’s scraps of material from the quilt she made her newborn but don’t forget that the couple can also sew the runners together at the end of the wedding (once thoroughly washed!) and they have a quilt to remind them of their special day at the village hall!

For more detailed instructions on how to make a patchwork runner please see Cherry menlove who has a good post on this. 


Part 2.  Table Plan

We  decided we had enough material to also make a table plan which would match the runner and bring in more of the craft theme which the bride is known for. We used embroidery rings and will pin  printed lists onto these nearer the time. This will also help us cover up an ugly noticeboard within the village hall as we can use a big board to hang them on….


We took inspiration from the purl bee and their liberty print portraits.




This will also nicely link in with the table name flags we’ve developed.

Keep your eye out for further ideas as we progress.



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