Easter Inspiration

We’ve become addicted to upcycling anything we can find around the house recently. This is partly because we are working on the village hall wedding commission on a limited budget, but also because it’s freeeeezing outside and it brings us joy to give new life to old things with a past. Here are a few projects that you could do from things that you are likely to have lying around this Easter break.

Have fun!

Truck pin cushion

We bought this gorgeous pin cushion at MAKERS on Park Row in Bristol. You should check them out.


You will need:

  • Old toy car/truck (preferably open top!)
  • Glue gun or superglue
  • scrap material
  • cotton wool or padding
  • Pins
  1. Cut the material into a circle, stuff and sew the end
  2. Glue in the material gathered together into the back of the van.
  3. When it is dry stuff it full of pins!

You could do this with just about anything you have. Have a look around and see what ideas you come up with. See someone smile when you give it to them!

Button Fridge Magnets

Jazz up your fridge this holiday…

You will need:

  • Magnets – any size, various sizes look nice together
  • Glue
  • Buttons or similar to match size & colour scheme
  1. Glue magnets to the buttons & let them dry!

Yes, it is that easy & it looks really great on the fridge! We did the same to an MDF swallow we bought from the lovely Ava & Bea at the Magpies & I Christmas Spiegeltent in Bristol. Lovely.


Pin board

Clearing out a cupboard I found that ever useful pin board that has been kicking around. It was a tad grotty round the edges so I set to fill a gap on the kitchen wall.

You will need:

  • Old pinboard that may be hanging on wall already
  • Scrap of material to just cover the board
  • Ideally some padding
  • Some ribbon or butchers tape
  • staple gun or glue
  • Beautiful things to display


  1. Cut the padding to the size of the board
  2. Cut the material so it covers the edges of the board and has a border behind the board for stapling
  3. Glue the padding to the board (or staple)
  4. Cover the padded board with the material
  5. Staple gun tightly on the back wooden edges (very satisfying!)
  6. Form a criss-cross pattern across the board with the ribbon or tape and pull tightly before stapling also
  7. Stick pins in the areas that cross over if you have them to ensure that the postcards/notes etc stay put
  8. Get decorating with useful notes and beautiful keepsakes! We found a home for our bride and groom name pegs from our wedding.

This cheers up any room and adds a vintage touch to your home if you use vintage looking material. Can be adapted for children’s rooms and so on.



Thanks to Annie’s Delight for inspiring us to do this.

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