Handmade Wedding Gift List

My lovely brother and sister-in-law replaced a generic gift list with a request for guests to make them something. As you can imagine this came easier to some than others! We love this idea and the fact that everyone made something meant that an already emotional weekend had an even more emotional ending!

We decided to use upcycled mangle cloths which featured in our happy day on our tables to make personalised vintage BBQ aprons. A BBQ was part of their wedding weekend, and something they love to do in life. By chance, as we were making it an episode of Kirstie Allsopp’s Vintage Home came on and she was wearing something very similar!

You will need:

– Vintage mangle cloth or favourite material

– Sewing machine and cotton

– Scissors

– Embroidery silk and needle

– Stamps

– Apron strings

1. Cut out the apron shape, ensuring that you keep the top sections that you cut out to use as the pocket. (Note: Bear in mind the height of the people that you are making it for).

Handmade Wedding Gift List

The pieces cut from the top are then used as the pocket!

2. Press the seams and pin, ensuring that you place the apron strings for the waist and neck into the correct position before you sew.

3. Stamp the name or initials of the person onto the pocket before you sew the pocket onto the front of the apron. Embroider their name or initials using embroidery thread split in half and using a back stitch.

2013-08-15 12.36.23 copy

Give the apron another wash and iron after the stamping

4. Sew the seams around the edge of the apron.

5. Take the spare pieces you cut out earlier and sew them together down the middle of the pocket. Then sew the pocket directly onto the front of the apron once the edges have been pressed. (Note: Try on the apron on to ensure you get the pocket at the right height).

DSC_0839 copy

We also gave them some gorgeous vintage cake forks that we picked up at Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair. They love to entertain and bake.


His & Hers

Try it yourself and see what wonderful gifts and memories your friends come up with!

If you’d like to order a personalised apron we make these on request for £20 (plus p&p). Email to order.


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