Winter is upon us….

So we live in a beautiful victorian terrace. Unfortunately, with character comes drafts! We thought we’d use some of the table runners from the village hall wedding to cosy up our rooms by making these easy draft excluders.

All you need:

  • Some scrap material
  • needle and thread (or sewing machine)
  • An old pillow or cushion
  • A draft!

1. Measure your doorway, allowing a little extra for seam allowance. Then cut your material to size. Fold lengthways, right sides together and pin. Sew along one short edge, the long open open and a little way along the final short edge. Allow room to put your stuffing in.


2. Turn the sausage inside out.


3. Find an old pillow or cushion that you may have washed and its lost it’s shape (we have plenty of these), otherwise you can buy stuffing from a shop, use cotton wool or old rags/jumpers that you were maybe going to throw out. Stuff your sausage making sure you reach all the corners with the stuffing.


3. Fold in the edges of the open gap and pin. Either oversew with a sewing machine  or sew this small section by hand for a hidden finish.


4. Slide in alongside the drafty window or door and give yourself a pat on the back!



Thought I would also share with you this spectacular knitted number by my lovely neighbour Megan… with the addition of a rice pack to weigh it down. Nice idea.


Those energy bills are going up after all!


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