Christmas Wreath Making with One Acre Garden

Photo: Sarah Bentley

Photo: Sarah Bentley

A friend and I are starting a new endeavour… One Acre Garden. As part of this project we wanted to run some lovely seasonal workshops so we could gauge general interest in the area, but also because we just love inspiring people to make – and what better time of year!

We started with wreath making at the lovely Grain Barge, Bristol. We wanted to share the tutorial briefly with you so you can make this at home while we sort our new blog and website (coming early 2014!). The materials were all foraged and we were amazed at the talent that came out of the workshop. Every wreath was beautifully different and showed such different styles, all amazing. We will we back in the New Year with more workshops so follow us @oneacregarden to find out more.

What you need:

– Wire frame

– Foraged greenery – ivy,  eucalyptus, fir, holly, pyracantha, dried bay leaves and herbs etc

– Moss (available from any florist)

– Florist wire

– Bin liner

– Moss pins

– Additions that you may wish to embellish your wreath. Good ideas included foraged moorland lichen covered twigs and dried oranges and pink grapefruit. Pine cones and cinnamon sticks also work well.

– Ribbon or string to tie

– Scissors

Photo: Sarah Bentley

Photo: Sarah Bentley

Make a sausage from a clump of moss. Tie around the wire frame with the thin wire. Wrapping around.

One Acre -39

Once covered give it a tidy and a trim with some scissors

One Acre -28

Thread ribbon around the wire before you go any further to hang it. Consider where you will hang this when you finish and adjust appropriately.

Sip warm cocktail… 🙂

One Acre -31

Tear a bin liner into long strips to cover back of frame and stop this damaging your door or window etc. Using moss pins secure in place by folding over strip again and again until covered.

One Acre -22

One Acre -12

Decide on your base foliage. Make sure the bottoms of the stems are clear of excess greenery and ensure the ends are pushed onto the moss so they don’t dry out. It is good to start covering outside and inside edges first.

One Acre -6

Use embellishments as you wish! This is the fun part!

And eventually you’ll be happy with your tweaking and you have a beautiful wreath to adorn your front door…

One Acre -7

One Acre -5

Look how happy they are!

For more wreath ideas look here.

We’d love your support @oneacregarden / facebook

Happy Christmas xx

Photography: Sarah Bentley

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