Geometric Party

We were given the challenge to take what is quite a wonderful scout hut on the Bristol Harbourside and transform it for a 30th birthday bash in cold dark January. We knew we needed colour! Geometric seemed like the perfect choice. We thought we’d share with you some of the fun (and easy) decorations that we chose. All you need is time!

Our moodboard with all the ideas can be found here.

A couple of old Ikea paper lanterns that we decorated for the fabulous village hall wedding were converted with the use of some old magazines into these beautiful paper sculptures! You can use any paper – crepe, tissue, old music, book pages, glitter and so on. Plus, you can sit them back on some bulbs for some lighting if you like. We just dangled with some florist ribbon which matched the colour scheme and crepe paper streamers we’d planned to hang across the room.


Image: Ruffled blog

Image: Ruffled blog

You can also use helium balloons rather than lanterns and buy a shiny curtain which can be purchased for mere pennies – just cut down to size and stick around the base – stunning…

Gold inspiration  by Ada & Darcy on Flickr

Gold inspiration by Ada & Darcy on Flickr

For tutorial with old t-shirt see here…now that is upcycling at its best!



You can also use that cheap gold curtain or bits of material to cover cardboard signage…


In this case a glistening 30! Looks great as a year too at New Year, a name, a Mr & Mrs or even HOORAY at a wedding!



But the quickest way to make quick decorations has got to be via the trusty sewing machine! Just cut up a load of old bits of paper (not too thick or you’ll break to needle) and choose some nice colours and sew away, feeding in the next piece as you go along.

2014-01-05 11.45.28

Such a great effect. We also did this with arrows using old origami paper and the zig zag function on the sewing machine. Perfect for the job.


If you don’t have a sewing machine do not fear. Just use sticky tape like our friends at



Another easy idea with crepe paper can be found here which literally involves a good eye for colour, cutting strips and then cutting the edges of those strips. Pick a wall and it looks just amazing.

Image: Marie Thomas Designs

Image: Marie Thomas Designs

Same goes with tissue paper shapes which were sewn onto a long piece of ribbon and strung across a feature wall. Best used with a selection of colours as per this image…



We filled balloons with water for large ice cubes which lasted much longer and looked great in an old horse feeder enamel bath.  Plus it matches your chosen scheme!


This pinata in the corner from Prospect Goods on etsy works well with the other paper decorations and is also a good game for the guests! You could even try and make it yourself!

Image: Diamond Pinata by Prospect Goods


If you’re going all out with the bling then this is a fab backdrop for guests to have some fun with dressing up gear…



That reminds me… Better get planning that 2014 Christmas wedding with One Acre Garden. Sure we can squeeze this in there somewhere. Bling bling bling!

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